Hand sanitizer is available to all guests and staff in all traffic areas including the rooms, restaurant, reception, and kitchen. All staff are required to wash their hands frequently especially before and after any interaction with guests.

Areas that are frequently touched such as light switches, door handles, counter-tops, and hand railings are also sanitized regularly to prevent virus/bacteria buildup.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is encouraged between guests and easily achievable because of the setup of the lodge:

  1. Self-contained cottages ensure that traffic to and from each room is limited to the guests in that specific room and the house-keeping staff.
  2. The restaurant is large and the tables are generously spaced out.
  3. Our garden is large and can accommodate a large number of people engaged in different activities, and the two bars are more than enough to host our guests comfortably, and safely.
  4. We do express check-in which allows guests to move directly from their vehicle to their room to eliminate unnecessary interactions.
  5. All staff are required to wear their masks during service, and in any situation that will require interactions with guests or high traffic areas.
Standard Double Room


All our room facilities such as linens, table-tops, wash-basins and other contact areas are disinfected between guests. and utmost precaution is taken during house-keeping to ensure that the surfaces are not contaminated during this process and that the staff themselves are safe.

We welcome you to stay with us and allow us to make your visit to Arusha an experience that will bring good memories for years to come. Your safety and comfort is first.